Welcome to Four Seasons Restaurant. Our restaurant was established with a singular goal of introducing a model of Vietnamese contemporary cuisine built on our rich and diverse culinary history.  Our mission is to serve unique and creative Vietnamese food that meets and exceeds the expectation of Vietnamese customers as well as attracting adventurous international customers.

About Us

Four Seasons Restaurant is located in Eden Center Shopping Center in Falls Church, Virginia.  Being only 15 mins away from Washington, D.C., we are conveniently located to attract customers from all over the country and the world.

Our menu offers may delicious dishes that take the customers on a culinary journey through three regions of Vietnam with each dish infuses the essence of our home country.  Each of our dishes is a symphony of color, aroma, and flavor that will make one falls in love at first bite.

Four Seasons Restaurant’s interior is decorated with Vietnamese sensibility that is reflected in each color and item.  The warm and cozy decor provides closeness, comfort and hospitality.  Four Seasons Restaurant’s expansive space is ideal for family and friends gatherings, birthday parties, graduation parties, and moderately sized wedding and engagement parties.

In the hustle and urgency of daily life that is full of stress and worries, the perfect cure is simply slowing down for a simple meal that reminds one of home.  Whether it is a Vietnamese person living abroad who wants to remind his/her children about their country of origin or to recapture the simple pleasure of sharing a homely meal with one’s family or to introduce international friends to one’s cuisine and heritage, Four Seasons Restaurant is the perfect location for that trip down culinary memory lane to discover or rediscover Vietnamese cuisine!

360 View of Four Seasons Restaurant

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