Blendtec Pro 800 (Commercial Blender)

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What do you get when you pay the premium price? A beautifully designed piece with pre-set cycles and a powerful motor.

Blendtec, the maker of Pro 800, will even throw in an extensive full warranty.

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Pre-Programmed Cycles

The pre-set cycles include hot soup, frozen treats, juice, smoothies, batters, and mixed drinks. The motor is made in such a way that it heats up the soup to serving temperatures. The settings make it pretty easy to use, seeing as you can turn it on and leave it working as you cook other meals.

Ease Of Use

The ultimate smoothness is achieved through pulsing, and so the 11-speed touch slider makes it possible to change the consistency of your ingredients.

As you would expect, the highest speed (29,512 rpm) will give a burst of energy that will pulverize meals entirely, while the lower options maintain a relatively lower power (4,080 rpm).

Powerful Yet Quiet Motor

The Professional 800 is housed in a compartment that not only exudes power, but also one that muffles noise. Even though it is powerful, the 1800-watt motor with 3.8 peak horsepower is installed with noise reduction technology to keep things down to conversation level.

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Size and Design

The Professional 800 measures 8.5″ wide x 17.25″ high x 9.13″ deep. Most people look into the height, as it determines how the blender fits in designated nooks.

It weighs 16.2lbs, which is a bit too heavy to bring with you on holiday. The company has made the design more appealing than any other model it has made, matching that with functionality.

Visible Interface

You want to see your ingredients as they turn into a smoothie. The pitcher is clear colored so that you can see what’s happening inside.

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  • The quietest blender on the market
  • Pre-set cycles and an 11-speed touch slider
  • The ideal size for storage
  • Extensive full warranty (8 to 10 years)


  • Expensive
  • Operation stalls if you don’t add enough liquid

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