Hamilton Beach Tempest Blender

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The Hamilton Beach Tempest Blender features a Wave-Action System with a unique container and blade that’s been designed to supply smooth results every single time.

The system’s speed and blade break down the ice to achieve a super creamy drink. The Tempest Blender offers performance and durability that’s easy to use.

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Whether you’re making a margarita, a daiquiri, or another popular icy drink, the Hamilton Beach Tempest Blender serves them up with no ice chunks so that the results are creamy smooth.

The Tempest’s blades are powerful enough to break through frozen fruit, thick ice, and ice cream without slowing down.

The blades, which there are four of, are made of stainless steel; They’re durable and built to last while having the ability to make drinks fast.

Most noteworthy, the stackable container is made of break-resistant polycarbonate that features easy-to-read measurements so you make the right mixture every time and don’t have to guess; It can hold up to 64 oz.

The Tempest’s jar pad system, which is made up of 4 magnetic connections, only allows for the blender to work if the container is placed on the pad correctly; This prevents damage to the


  • Serves up perfectly smooth drinks with no ice chunks
  • Precision blending allows for the making of a variety of drinks
  • Even blending
  • Blades pull contents down so no chunks are left
  • Turns granite ice into creamy liquid
  • Easy to clean
  • Built to last
  • Can blend 16 oz daiquiri in just 12 seconds
  • Sure Grip feet prevent the blender from skidding

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  • Is a strong, powerful machine


  • Only two-speed settings
  • No low-speed option
  • High price tag


  • Wave-Action system effectively pulls mixture down to the blades
  • Results in a super-creamy drink
  • Have easy-to-clean controls
  • Easy-to-read measurements
  • 2 Speeds; Pulse and jump cycle
  • A jar pad sensor that prevents wear and tear
  • A 3 hp motor that’s equipped with all-metal drive coupling and a stack-able poly-carbonate container
  • Temperature gauge warns operator if the motor starts to overheat when drinks are being made back-to-back
  • A timer with automatic shut off
  • Indispensable for busy bars
  • Cross-contamination bands available

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An ordinary smoothie blender can’t chop of drink contents the way The Hamilton Beach Tempest Blender can; While they spin contents around the walls of their container and leave whole chunks that go untouched by its blades, the Tempest gives smooth results for the best drinks every time.

With the Tempest, you’ll never have to worry about ice being in your drinks again.

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