Oster Versa Performance Blender

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The Oster Versa Performance Blender is one of the best blenders on the market. With tons of customers giving it a five-star rating, this blender has so much to offer.

Sure there are pros and cons to every man-made item; nevertheless, with this product, the pros certainly outweigh the cons.

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This product blends just about any type of food with so much power. The power of the motor is at 1400 watts, and it goes at 28,000 rotations per minute (rpm). The blade of this blender is made of genuine stainless steel to ensure the desired result in the blending of various types of food.

So with this in mind, the Oster Versa Performance Blender does it all. With this extraordinary product, ample space in the kitchen will be granted.

Due to its multipurpose capabilities, there will be no need for an ice chopper, handheld mixer, or a food processor, because this blender handles all these types of jobs.

Now the blender needs to be able to blend well… (duh), and honestly the lower end Oster’s are pretty terrible. But if you’re going to get on the Versa Performance one is the way to go.


  • Great value, durable material, a blade made of stainless steel, and a powerful motor

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  • It also has a no-mess spout, a securely fitted lid, and easily readable measurements. Another great feature of this blender is the pulse action it possesses, and the three programmed settings.
  • It has a long term warranty: The warranty for this item last seven years.
  • It has long lasting durability: Whether it’s soup, ice, or nuts, this machine has a powerful motor that can handle it all.
  • It’s easy to clean: With the plastic jar that is easily detachable from the base of the machine, and the lid is easily detachable, cleaning with regular dish detergent and water is all that is needed. Afterwards, air drying the washed parts and reattaching are the only things required.
  • It also includes a wonderful recipe book: This product also comes with a delightful cookbook for no extra cost. This cookbook gives a plethora of recipes and tips in making the best dips, soups, spreads, smoothies, and more when using this blender.

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  • Not the best at blending frozen fruits and foods
  • Doesn’t crush ice well
  • Big and very bulky

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